Let EQUAL ACCESS help you "turn the light on" for your visually impaired customers.

Are you in the DARK?

If you're not reaching blind and visually impaired customers, let EQUAL ACCESS enlighten you.

EQUAL ACCESS will transcribe your printed materials into Braille or large print and train your staff to take care of customers with vision issues.

We serve business people who, like you, want to reach the vast untapped market of blind and visually impaired people. Over the past decade, blind and low vision workers have become increasingly represented in every type of industry.

In addition, the number of older Americans who lose their vision later in

life from cataracts, diabetes or age-related macular degeneration increases every year. Many of these seniors are dependent

for their everyday needs on accessible businesses in their neighborhoods. People with vision loss patronize businesses that welcome them. Let EQUAL ACCESS help you "turn the light on" for your

visually impaired customers.

EQUAL ACCESS can help you

Here's what Equal Access can do for you:

Braille Documents Production

We can produce high-quality, two-sided Braille versions of your menus, price lists, fliers or promotional materials - for a reasonable price and quick turnaround.

Large Print Production

We can convert your promotional and business materials into large print

documents (16 points or above) in a readable and professional format.

Staff Training

EQUAL ACCESS offers training seminars for managers and your staff on such topics as:

• Blind awareness training

• "Do's and Don'ts" of assisting blind or low-vision people

• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

requirements and guidelines

• Guide Dog awareness and etiquette

We also offer customized staff training to fit your needs.

A few of our satisfied clients:

The Old Spaghetti Factory EQUAL ACCESS provides Braille menus

for more than 370 of these popular family restaurants nationwide-with reported high customer satisfaction.

Sacramento Hilton Hotel

EQUAL ACCESS has been the preferred

provider of this Hilton location's Braille and large-print materials and employee training for more than two decades. The hotel consistently praises our work.

Sacramento Music Festival

Since 1986, EQUAL ACCESS has provided all Braille and large-print schedules and other documents for this annual event. Our materials are given to fans and, musicians, as well as, to groups that serve the blind and low vision communities.

Sacramento Regional Transit

EQUAL ACCESS produces Braille and largeprint schedules, information booklets and customer correspondence for this public transportation agency.


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The 12 Steps to Living with Low Vision

EQUAL ACCESS CEO, by Elena Thomason

is available purchase


March 26, 2017


Welcome back:


I just finished reading a book which I’d like to share with you. It is called Occupying Aging written by Katheryn Schneider PhD. Copyright 2013. The NLS reference number is DB85915.


Ms. Schneider has been totally blind since birth. For 30 years, she worked as a Clinical Psychologist. Just recently, she joined the ranks of the unemployed.


In Occupying Aging, Ms. Schneider takes you through one year of her life; day by day. She shares her experience with retiring and replacing a working guide dog, participating in advocacy activities in her local community, involvement in her church, participation in the Red Hat Society, her appreciation of reading, music, education, culture and so much more.

I found the book inspiring as it is a true story reflecting a pretty normal active life. Ok, maybe a bit more than normal because this woman is really involved. I admire her and I think you will too.



Until next week …

Elena Thomason




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